torsdag, december 19, 2013

Sekularism och muslimska organisationer

I senaste volymen av den akademiska tidskriften Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs skriver jag om den svenska sekulariseringsvägen och integrationen av musimska organisationer i den svenska pluralistiska nykorporatismen.

"This article analyses the strategies adopted by Ibn Rushd Study Association, a Swedish Muslim faith based organization (FBO), to establish itself as a representative of Swedish Muslims in relation to the national government, as well as one of the ten recognised study associations that handles much of the government supported adult education in Sweden. This road to acceptance is analysed in the context of the relation to religious denominations institutionalized in Swedish government–civil society relations, which, it is argued, can be understood as part of a normative concept of secularization and  of the relationship between the state and civil society. Such concepts now colour government attitudes to FBOs, but also the way FBOs are organized and understand themselves in relation to the surrounding society. This case study supports José Casanova’s argument that certain paths of secularization are not only compatible with certain religious denominations increasing their role in public debate, but may even enable them to do so."

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