tisdag, september 10, 2013

Kulturfinansiering i USA

Hittade via Emma Stenström denna rapport från National Endowment for the Arts om kulturfinansiering i USA. Ser mycket spännande ut, och jag tror att jag kan rekommendera den redan nu, inte minst eftersom bilden av amerikansk kultur- och civilsamhällesfinansiering i Sverige så ofta är i behov av nyansering.

"The funding network is diverse and perplexing, to be sure, and sometimes arts organizations do not survive the vicissitudes of the economy. But, simultaneously, the flexibility of the American system may be credited with fostering the substantial rise in art-making and arts participation that has occurred in the last 40 years. New arts organizations are constantly emerging––bringing new styles and perspectives to cultural life. No single agency or individual can set an artistic agenda for the nation; the contrasting values and tastes of different funders ensure a rich diversity of art works; tax incentives promote innovative methods of private support; and decentralization helps regional heritages and local communities retain their integrity."

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